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Missed Call Service

Missed Call Service

Missed Call Alert Services enable an advertiser to capture accurately and adequately the data of people interested in any particular product or service for which awareness is being spread by an advertiser or marketer. The Miss Call Alert Service also leaves a professional feel about the organizations since a reply / acknowledgement message is sent to the potential client calling the Missed Call Service number.


Some Effective Uses of Mis Call Alert Service for Business Scenario’s

          (i)     Mobile Number Verification (miscall alert)

          (ii)    Generate Leads and database of interested potential clients (miss call)

          (iii)   App Downloads (miss call alert)

          (iv)   Feedback Collection (miss call alert service in india)

          (v)   Voting scenario at various levels (Clubs Elections, Society Elections Etc.) (miss call alert service provider)

          (vi)   Create groups based on similar interests (miss call marketing)


How does a Miss Call Notification Service work


          *     A miss call number is activated by the Miss Call Service Provider based on the preference of the customer.

          *     This number is configured on our Miss Call Service panel.

          *     Whenever any mobile or landline number calls this pre-defined number, our Miss Call Services system captures the

                calling number along with the date and time the missed call was received.

          *     All these details captured are displayed to the customer in an online Missed Call Alerts Service Panel.

          *     This online Missed Call Services Panel also allows the user to configure a standard response SMS to the person giving

                the missed call as an acknowledgement so that the communication loop is complete. A failure to revert with a message

                might leave the caller not being sure whether his call has been correctly received or not.

          *     All Missed Calls received are displayed in the online panel and the user also has an option to download the entire

                database of missed calls received with complete details in an excel file for analysis / call-outs to the customers.

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