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Email Services

Email Services

Push Email Service is classified into Promotional and Transactional Emails.
Email Service Providers use IP's to push emails to various email ids.
The quality of the email delivery to the inbox depends upon various factors, some of which are listed below;
Genuine email address Vs. Bulk Email Address
Inbox email delivery depends a great deal on the genuiness of the email address.
Email address database bought from the open market are mostly not genuine.
Own customer email database
Own customer email address are mostly genuine and are mostly updated from time to time.
Content genuiness Vs. Unwelcome content
Genuine content meant for subscribers looking forward to the content.
Unwelcome content usually gets marked as SPAM and gives a low rating to the domain or email id.
Low bounce rate Vs. High Bounce Rate
If the email address is genuine, the emails do not bounce back leading to a good quality score.
If the email address is not genuine, the emails bounce back leading to a bad quality score.
Email marked SPAM
Some subscribers mark the emails as SPAM leading to a low quality score for the email campaign.


All the above reasons cause an email campaign to get delivered to the inbox or marked as SPAM.

A high bounce rate / low open rate / marking as SPAM cause the IP to be blacklisted.

A high rate of IP blacklisting is caused when promotional email content is sent on un-verified email database.

Transactional / Informational Emails are mostly done on a genuine / owned database with non-promotional content.


Email to SMS Service

There are use cases where an email needs to be converted to an SMS. These use cases are usually required as email access may not be always be available. As compared to email accessability, SMS is far more accessable. The device on which SMS is to be seen is also always handy.

Specific use cases for this service relate to emergency updates related to Server downtime alerts which are usually sent on email and then converted to SMS and sent to key people mobile numbers.

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